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Cats/sniffles and bringing new kitten home


Hi kate

I have female kitten of about 9 weeks, we had a another but was unfortunatley had to be put down because of FIP the vet said our female was healthy and nothing is wrong with her, for the past two weeks she has been sneezing alot just water comes out, her eyes are fine no mucus form around them and she is happy playful and has a very healthy diet, is the runny nose some thing to worry about or do you think it may just be dust or alergies?

Reason my worry is i do not wanna lose another kitten and i have just recently git her a male friend which she will not take to at all and im worry for his and her saftey dont want her to pass anything thing in to him!

please your help will be glady appriciated.


Hi well unfortunately cats can catch colds just like us too and this may be a slight cold she has, in which case there is not much you can do about preventing your other cat from catching it.

yes it could also be an allergy, if the symptoms continue for over a week then this could be what it is.

If it is a cold make sure they continue to drink water as this will prevent dehydration.

I have a web site with some information about cat flu (this is just for your information and the symptoms you discuss do not sound severe enough for this)

And also one about cat allergies which you may find of interest.



best wishes kate


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