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Cats/13 year old cat with blood in stool


Hello Kate
As an expert on this site myself it feels strange asking someone a question rather than answering one myself!
I have four cats, the eldest of which is a Norwegian Forest Cat (we think- he was a rescue). He doesn't like using the litter tray much but yesterday I noticed there was a lump of gelatinous blood in his poo. It was about 1cm wide and in the middle of the poo, which was otherwise normal-looking. He's not overweight, eats a lot of wet food (he's a fighter with only 3 teeth left, so dry food falls out of his mouth!) and is in great shape for his age. Do you have any ideas as to what it could be, and should I take him to the vet?

Hi Lorna
Well I am not a vet myself and so wouldn't presume to try and diagnose the problem but any signs of blood in the stool should always be investigated by a vet.

When ever I am asked about blood in urine or stools I know from experience and from speaking to my vet in the past that it is nearly always I sign that something is wrong, even if it is only a urine infection that needs some antibiotics.

But yes blood in the stool should definately be investigated further.

i hope it is nothing serious. i used to have a Maine Coon cat (similar in looks to a nowegien forest cat) they are wonderful creatures, gentle giants usually.

best wishes Kate  


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