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I have an adult called Lady and we just brought a Kitten. Lady is about 16 months old and kitten is only about 6 weeks old.Lady has taken to being kittens mother. When lady cleans kitten by licking her lady will stop and bits her neck just wondering if this is normal and what does it mean. Thank you

I'm not sure what you mean by bite. if you mean grab the back of the neck then this is the normal way a female cat will carry a small kitten.

it is unusual for your cat to try and pick up such a big kitten but it may just be instinct.

if the bite is aggressive and the cats are not neutered then it could be time to think about having them spayed. As it is normal behaviour for un-spayed females to be aggressive towards each other because of territory etc.

Hope that i have answered your question..

best wishes Kate


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