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I just got my 9 month old Persian boy neutered last week and he still wants to try and escape to the outdoors (he is an indoor cat). Does he still have "urges" to meet a female? Before the operation he had spikes on his penis, will they still be there or do they go away? If I was to get a female cat around his age would he try and mate with her even though he is neutered?


question one.
Cats have other urges other than just for mating. Like hunting, exploring, stalking, jumping etc etc. So the fact that your male cat wants to go out has nothing to do with mating. however as the operation was so recent, his hormone levels may not have completely gone so there may still be a little of the mating urge left, but this will go over the next few weeks.

It is important to make sure that his indoor life is as exciting as it would be outside, so by making sure that he has plenty to keep him occupied the happier he will be to stay inside. I have written a web page about indoor cats etc which you may find of interest. here is the link /indoor-cats.html

Question two
The spikes on his penis will always remain, they are physical elements which are not affected by being neutered.

Question three
If you do decide to get a female cat it is important that you do not get it for a few month. this will give him time to settle down after his operation and allow his hormone levels to drop. Also if you do get one she should be spayed. In some cases a male cat may still try to mate with a un-spayed female not because of hormone urges but because of instinct and the odour given off by a un-spayed female may spark these instincts off again.

Hope I have managed to answer all your questions for you.
best wishes Kate


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