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Hi, my name is Kerri and i have two cats ones male ones female both fixed. i was wounding if its normal for my male cat to keep bitting my females butt? and for my male cat to walk the halls at night winning?

well i'm  not sure hat to say about the butt biting. It may simply be his playful way. Why he should choose her rear end we may never know. perhaps he can bite her here and have a better chance of getting away before she turns around to retaliate. Who knows. But as long as the bites are just playful bites and so not cause wounds etc i wouldn't worry too much.

As for the night whining. Well yes it is normal for cats to be more active at night and the wining is often their way of trying to get attention to play etc. this is a common problem.

It is important that while the cat is inside they have plenty to keep them occupied and be able to follow their natural instincts for hunting etc. There are many toys etc that can help them express these instincts.

please see my pages about cat meowing and keeping indoor cats happy

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best wishes Kate


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