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Cats/Cat & Dog Are Now Not Getting Along


Hi, not sure if you can help but here goes.  Today something happened outside (that we did not see) to make our male cat (6 years old) very angry at our dog (16 months).  Before this happened they seemed to be the best of friends but not Robbie (the dog) is terrified of Joey and hides from him.  Joey is also kinds of stalking him.  We wish we had seen what happened but didn't.  This is very upsetting not only to Robbie but to my husband and I.  Joey is quite a large cat and could inflict harm if he wanted to.  Any thoughts?

this is known as aggression trauma and is quite common between animals when something unexpected happens and frightens one of them. they in turn take out their fear with aggression towards the other animal.

the problem is to over come the problem you have to re build the confidence in both animals towards each other. this has to be slowly and carefully for it to have the best chance to work.

the process is the same for introducing new animals to each other and is described here /introducing-cats.html

Basically the animals need to be in each other presence but in a controlled manner so that the experience cannot turn into more fear or trauma. i know it may sound a bit of a long winded process but unfortunately without this careful approach the animals may always have distrust in each other.

I do hope they can become friends again soon.

best wishes Kate


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