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Hi I hope you can help me, my girl cat of 12 years has recently started middening all the time, she has messed in the house before but infrequently, and now this is all the time.

I know it is because she is very insecure, she has always been timid, but my male cat Muffin is 2 and is very dominant and can be aggressive. He bullies Sabrina (the girl), as soon as he sees or hears her he chases after her causing her to hide and growl and hiss at him. She has a hard time finding any territory of her own, and also doesn't get a look in when it comes to feeding.

I now don't know how to solve this problem. My parents are being very unhelpful saying "she's got to go" and shouting at her and chasing her out every time they find she as messed, so I'm going to try and take this on myself! Also we are supposed to be getting a kitten from a friend soon but I don't think it is a good idea till we sort this problem out.. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me.

oh dear this is going to be a problem. As you know middening is used to mark territory and is usually only used in very anxious cats who really do feel like they have to mark their territory to get the message across.

unfortunately not all cats can and will get along with other cats and older cats can definitely feel more threatened. So the 2 year old cat is definitely seen as a threat and I would definitely not recommend that you get another cat at all. It will only make the whole situation worse.

As to how you can stop this behaviour well this is very difficult. Basically you have to try and make the cat feel secure in their home and the process may have to be repeated over and over again for a period of time to try and build this confidence.

the process is basically confinement in a smaller area of the home so the cat can become confident in this smaller area and get used to the litter tray again. Also spreading your cats scent around the house with a towel is a good idea too.

Also make sure that the cats have separate litter trays which are not near each other and that they are in areas which feel secure so not near loud washing machines etc and not near their food.

I have several pages about these issues on my web site I will give you the links for you to read for a fuller explanation of the process.

i wish you every success

here are the links /cat-poo.html

best wishes KAte


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