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    Okay so let me just say I'm horrible at asking questions, so I'll do my best to include as much information as possible.

    I have a 3 year old husky and two cats, Kenny is 5 years old, neutered, healthy, medium hair, white gray black and brown pet store stray kitty I've had since he was a kitten, laid back, very very close to me and my boyfriend, probably the best cat I could ask for.
    Then there's Thomas, a 6 month old black and white short hair polydactyl, neutered, has been to the vet and they say he's healthy as can be, up to date on his shots, super energetic.... and he poops all over our house while we're gone at work during the day. He's pooped under our dog's bed a few times, the same corner on the livingroom rug 3-4 times, on a cat carrier, a futon 3 times and I don't get it. I see him use his litter box when we're home.      
    We have two boxes and at first I thought they might have been too dirty for their standards, but we've been cleaning them daily and we still find poop around the house.
    I'm pretty sure it's not Kenny doing the pooping because some of the spots were impossible for Kenny to fit in and he's never done that in all of the 5 years I've had him. He's always been around other cats too, we always keep two at a time. Kenny has had accidents when he's been shut away from his box but he works really hard to cover whatever he left behind, Thomas doesn't at all. So I'm almost certain it's Thomas doing this.
   I'm really worried because we get so upset over it, especially my boyfriend and it's starting to have an effect on our relationship because he's had it with finding Thomas poop, but other than the pooping, Thomas is an amazing cat and I love him very much. What could be the reason for his actions and what can I do to remedy this problem?

I hope that explains everything!

well you will be surprised to learn that this a common problem and one that can be over come, it just takes a little time, effort and patience.

basically your cat is not doing this to be bad or naughty there is always a reason for this to happen. the secret is to find the problem and remedy it as well as re training the kitten to use the litter tray all the time.

the problem is called Middening and is similar to urination issues, i.e it is used as a territory marker and also a comforter for the cat regarding scent.

the best thing I can suggest is to ask you to read my page about this problem here /cat-poo.html it will give you some information regarding the issue and also how to try and tackle it.

best wishes Kate


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