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I have a male outside cat, Oliver, who is about a year old. I have had no real
problems with him up until now. For the past week I have not been able to
get any sleep due to other neighborhood cats (male I assume by the scent in
my front yard) fighting in my front yard and my chihuahua barking
uncontrollably all night. I have stopped putting food out in hopes that these
cats will stop coming around but it hasn't stopped. What can I do to remedy
this problem? What do these kitties want from poor Oliver??

well it sounds to me like these other cats (and possible Oliver if he is not neutered) are marking there territory and the fighting is all part of trying to become the dominant male cat in the area.

Unfortunately the only way to stop this is to make sure that Oliver is neutered (if he isn't already). You can also try to put down lemon scent around your garden and door area (cats don't like this much). there are also some pellets you can put down to try and keep them away from your garden.

Male cats should really be neutered outside. So these stray male cats should really be caught and neutered. other wise the cat population in your area could increase. If you have a lot of stray males then perhaps a animal charity can help you.

Hope you can get something sorted out.

best wishes Kate


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