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We have two kittens, aged about 6 months who were neutered on Tuesday. The female has been kept inside since and had a collar on for a short while to her chewing the stitches. We let the male cat outside again on Thursday, although only when we were at home and for a short while, as he seemed completely back to normal. Last night (Saturday) we noticed he was being very lethargic and had slept all afternoon, we realised he also was not purring which is very unusual as he purrs like a tractor normally! Really loud and at the slightest hint of food or a fuss, but there was nothing when we stroked him, he didn't object to being stroked but just lay there. He also looks very sleepy, like that 'I've just woken up' look and we thought he felt quite hot compared to our other cat although he is quite fluffy. This morning he was still just lying around but did start to purr however he has not eaten anything, again not normal as he usually wolfs his food down. He has been for a poo as normal and went outside for a little bit, but again is now just lying around. Could this be the effects of the neutering, losing hormones etc or should we be worried and take him to the vets? Any advice is welcome! Thanks

sometimes after a operation a cat can suffer the effects of the Anaesthetic for a few days afterwards. the symptoms you described could just be his system still getting rid of all the affects of the Anaesthetic.

if i were you i would telephone the vets and just ask them for their advice. i'm sure they will advise to wait a little longer and see what he is like tomorrow but it is always wise to check to be on the safe side.

best wishes kate


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