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Cats/female cat just had kittens last night


our female cat just had four kittens last night .3 survived she seemed fine all night and most of the day but now she is bleeding..i was gone when it started so have no idea whats going on..i never had a female cat before so i need some advice thanks

well there can be some after bleeding after a birth and this is normal. that is also true of humans who have to wear special pads afterwards for a while.

My advice is to wait for a short while, make sure she is ok in all other ways, ie looking after her kittens, eating, drinking, using the litter tray etc. As long as all seems well the bleeding should stop within a day or so. if you see any signs of distress or other strange symptoms then call the vet for some advice.

best wishes and congratulations on your new kitten family.

best wishes kate


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