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my cat was due to have kittens between the 13th an 18th of february she has been loosing a bloody discharge since the 14th but that has stopped after a few days but she hasnt had anything - i was alittle concerned on wednesday so i took her to see my vet my vet said she was fine she gave an internal which made her go into labour ware her breathing was really strong breathing we her mouth open but i fetched her home and she still hasnt had them an is fine in herself but im just concerned

well i can understand your concern, the waiting can be terrible.

However you did the right thing by taking her to the vet and making sure that all is well.

Pregnancy and labour are very unpredictable so it could just be that your cat is taking a while longer than normal. As long as she looks ok in herself and is still eating etc then i would just wait a little longer and let nature take its course.

If there is still no joy after another day or so or if you notice your cat in some distress then contact your vet immediately and see what his advice is. he is the best person to advise as he has actually seen and examined your cat.

Hope all is well and you will have a litter full of lovelies soon
best wishes Kate


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