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Hi Kate!

We have two cats close to the same age....10 years we've had them.  They've been kept as indoor cats and were "perfect" litter box users until about 2 years ago.  I have been working to correct the problem of poop and/or pee on carpet --- began in dining room and was extensive before I'd realized it was happening.  One or both had PEED  all along the wall and/or  FURNITURE!!  This was horrible but I blocked off the room and cleaned and cleaned . . . then, found it to be happening in a different room.  Eventually, I moved them to an upstairs room to keep the downstairs free of problems.  They have my company most of the day---good view of outdoors---good sunlight----toys, etc.

Still---having trouble, though.  I am getting exasperated....feel I need to get rid of them...they are destroying our house!  But, my love for them combined with fear "someone" else might  HURT  THEM is what keeps me trying to fix the troubles.  I've researched.  They've been vet-checked their entire lives.  

Do you know any  MAGIC  that might save their lives?  

i can understand your exasperation however be assured that this is not an un-common problem and can be over come with a little patience and time and effort.

there are many reasons why this sort of behaviour can begin, too many for me to list here, so can I ask that you read my web page about this problem here

period of litter training gain for both of them and also transferring their scent around the house using  clean towel rubbed on them and then rubbed round the house will help them to feel more secure.

the litter training process is described here

It my work first time or it may require several attempts but basically it gives the cats time to become self assured gin in smaller area and to become familiar with their litter trays gin.

Don't worry, i'm sure this problem can be over come.

best wishes Kate


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