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Cats/siamese kitten 7 month old


my little kitten was born in my house on $th of july and it was a litter of 4 all together. Her name is Misha and i just noticed last night that she is really gotten really skinny to the point that i can feel her bones all over, how ever her belly is soft and fat.. she looks pregnant which is not even possible as the boys are downstairs in their play room with no access to the little girls... how ever I notice that she barely has the energy to meow and she is not eating as much... help please

I don't know what to say to you a part from to take her to the vets as soon as possible.

Weight loss can be a sign of any number of illnesses and can only be diagnosed with tests etc which a vet will carry out. It really is the only way.

Don't delay as weight loss can get to the point where they start to loss muscle as well as fat and the cat will get weaker and weaker.

My own cat had a thyroid problem and she lost a lot of weight however the vet was able to treat her and now she is fine but if we had not done anything we may have lost her.

i do hope you are able to take her to a vet soon and that she can be treated easily.

best wishes Kate


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