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Cats/spayed female urinating outside the box


I have 8 cats & a newborn kitten. Thomas is an orange tabby and Stacy is gray and white together they had 6 kittens we kept 3. Jack is the oldest and at night he sleeps in my daughter's room. Steven & Dusty are Stacy's kids and the sleep in the garage along with Tabitha & Jareth. Thomas likes to sleep in the bathroom w/ the door opened. Taz is another one of Stacy's children and she just had a baby 11 days ago and she sleeps in a box in our room we keep our door cracked opened. Stacy has been urinating on the counter and on the table but only at night. The litter boxes are cleaned every day (we have four). Is Stacy acting out because of the newborn kitten and why only at night?

cat don't really act out or do naughty things, everything they do has a reason or cause. In this case the arrival of a new kitten i.e something different has happened and there are new smells etc. This is a classic reason for a cat to begin to feel a little unsettled in their home and feel the need to make themselves feel better about it all by trying to make the home smell more like them, i.e the urination.

this is a very common problem for cats when things change and usually will subside once they have settled down again. in some cases a period of re litter training is required.

i have written a web page about this issue on my web site for more details and information. here is the link


Hope I have been able to help in some way.

I'm sure all your cats are keeping you busy (and happy) so i'll let you get back to them.

Hope the problem is short lived

best wishes kate  


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