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I have a six month old ragdoll (Neko) who is my travel companion.  I have apartments in two states and Neko and I often travel between locations on a bi weekly basis.  Neko has shown no aversion to being in the car with me, therefore he is rarely left alone.  When he is, it's never more than 48 hours.  About a month ago, he began peeing in select locations about 2x per week.  To date, he has peed in my suitcase 3x, in 2 of my duffle bags, and then 2x in these nylon cubes that I had got him to play with.  Each time, the item was in my bedroom and I was in the room.  It usually happens in my bedroom in Indiana, but today, it also occurred in my bedroom in Ohio where I also have an older female cat who does not travel with us. He squats when he pees and does it in almost a very deliberate fashion.  I clean the areas very well after he urinates, but he continues to do it.  Please help!

well firstly is he neutered yet? If not then the behaviour will be impossible to stop until he is as it is instinct to mark territory anyway.

When cats are neutered but still display this sort of behaviour are usually doing it to make themselves feel more secure in their home environment and the changing situations may be causing this. Due to his young age he should get used to the moving around more and this sort of issue shouldn't be a problem.

Urinating in the locations you mentioned did not surprise me as cats will often scent where the scent of others is strongest so suitcases, clothes, beds etc are very common areas.

All i can say is have him neutered as soon as you can and see if this stops the spraying. If not then it is caused by his need to make the home smell more like him to make himself feel more confident. this may only be cured as he gets used to the travel and new locations.

Perhaps also when you travel to each location spend the first day with your cat confined to one room with his litter tray, bed and water etc this may help him settle more quickly in that location.

best wishes Kate


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