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Cats/1 yr old male cat just began to pee on chair and began biting.


My cat just turned 1 year old and up until this morning he had been using his litter box regularly.  At Christmas, when we took him to my parents for the day he wouldn't even use the litter box there because it wasn't in it's normal place.  He waited all day, until we got home and put everything in its right place before he went to the bathroom.  He as always been a sweet kitty. A little nutty but very loving.  
My boyfriend and I live in a small one bedroom apartment, so my cat is an in door cat.  He never goes outside.  Recently, when we are petting him or just walking around he has begun biting our hands or feet.  Really hard.
Also, this morning we found that he peed in his favorite chair.
I clean his box regularly.  I haven't changed in food since December.  He was fixed in September.  We don't have kids or any other pets.  However, I recently started ajob in which I am gone from 8 to 5 and two days a week gone until 11 p.m.  I used to be home until about 2:30 p.m. and home around 10:00 p.m.  My boyfriend would get home around 7:00 p.m. So he wouldn't be by himself for very long.
I love him very much, but my boyfriend is at his wits end.  The cat really is mine and my boyfriend really doesn't have much invested in the cat.
So, what is wrong with my cat?  I can't quit my job, as I realize the change is not making my cat happy.  How can I make my at happy?  How can I make him not pee anywhere else but his box again?  And how can I get him to not annoy the boyfriend so much?

in this case the change in routine has made your cat feel unsettled and that is what is causing the urination. this is used to make the home smell more like them and this in turn makes them feel more settled. The aggressive biting is not related but could be a sign of boredom.

My advice would be to make sure his home environment is stimulating enough so that he doesn't get bored. I have  a page about this here /indoor-cats.html

If the urination does not stop you may also have to give him a period of re litter training /cat-litter-box.html

Also you did not mention if your cat was neutered or not. if not then even though he is an indoor cat it is advisable as it will prevent him becoming aggressive and destructive due to frustration etc it can also prevent urination in the home too.

i hope my web pages will be able to help solve your problem and help you all to live together happily.

best wishes Kate


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