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   The first section below was what I had asked about a month ago. The section after is a follow-up. I included my first question simply as a reminder to my situation. Please see below. Thank you.

      My grandmother recently passed this December and she loved her female calico cat 'Spicy' so very much. I could never let anything happen to this cat therefore I will be taking her home with me sometime soon. Spicy is 9 years old and very unsociable. When my grandmother first got her as a kitten she was very playful and affectionate. Yet over time, living in a quiet house with no one really to 'play' with, Spicy began isolating herself. Rarely, she would come out from hiding, and sit on my grandmother's lap. My Grandmother could say "Give me a kiss", and Spicy would nudge her head against my grandmothers lips and chin. Other than that, Spicy really doesn't socialize. Spicy would hide so often anytime my Grandmother had company that very few people even knew what she looked like! She would come out when I was around, but she would never let anyone, other than my grandmother, pet her.
So now I'm worried about how she will adjust in my home. My apartment is much smaller than my grandmother's house, also my husband and I may be moving sometime soon. (I may wait to find this out first because two moves maybe too much for poor Spicy.) Additionally, I have a cat of my own, 'Baby Black', a male American Short-hair. Both Spicy and Baby Black lived together at my grandmother’s house for about 4 years while I was away for college (both are fixed and declawed in the front). Baby Black has been moved out and living with me for about 3 years now. They got along fine when they lived together but it was Spicy's home and not vice versa. (Baby Black adjusts well to anything!)
      Basically, my concerns are this: What can I do to adjust Spicy (Ms. Anti-Social) to her new home? Will she remember Baby Black? Will his presence help in her adjustments? What preparations can I make to ease Spicy into such a sudden change? Please any advice will be helpful. I'm sure I could go on and on with more questions. I am so worried about this move that I'm going insane. I would die if I gave poor Spicy a heart attack or something over this whole ordeal. Please Help!
Thank you,

  This question was initially answered very well with tips on how to adjust her to a new home and etc. Since I first submitted this question to an “all expert” I have had spicy in my home for almost three weeks. The first week Spicy would not eat anything at all. During the second week she began coming out of hiding to eat and use the litter box (when no one was around). I am keeping her in our second bedroom to keep my cat and her separated. Whenever anyone is in the room Spicy would stay in hiding under a recliner. However during this present week Spicy has instead chosen to hide behind the recliner as oppose to hiding underneath. I have since then attempted to talk softly to her while she looks up at me. Three times this week Spicy has made deliberate attempts to attack me. The first occurred when I attempted to lure her from hiding by offering her a piece of tuna. I put a very small piece of tuna fish between my thumb and index finger and she (without warning) bit me, puncturing my index finger, and biting through the side of my thumb next to the nail. This puncture wound has began healing fine, however she attempted to attack me a second time yesterday while I was talking to her. This time she was again behind the recliner and I placed my hand on the floor about a foot away from her to attempt establishing trust. Instead Spicy lunged at my hand hissing and growling. I immediately shouted “No!” and removed my hand from her attack. She was not able to get a hold of me that time. Now today I was changing the clock in the bedroom, while Spicy was again hiding behind the recliner. As I was changing the clock about a foot and a half away I began talking to her. When I went to place the clock back on the wall Spicy lunged forward from her hiding spot directly at me knocking over several small items that were sitting on our file cabinet. The file cabinet is about two feet high! She slammed into the side of the file cabinet and was not able to reach me, however the deliberate attempt of trying to rip me to shreds was very apparent. I am deeply concerned now. I am afraid that merely coming into the room will begin setting her off. What can I do in this situation? Does she feel threatened after the move? I am to the point where I am beginning to feel afraid of her. Any suggestions would greatly help.

This is quite odd really as she should be getting use to you now and start to feel more settled.

Apart from taking her to the vets to make sure that she is not ill in some other way which may also be affecting her behavior i.e a ill cat can be an aggressive or angry cat.

the only other thing you can try is to rub her all over with a clean towel then rub your hands and arms/clothes with the towel to transfer her smell to you. you will also have to stop wearing perfume for a while any the use of any strong smelling soaps etc. sometimes strong perfume smells can also make a cat feel fearful(my own cat will attack me only when i have just put on perfume)

You will have to continue with the non threatening approach to her as described on my bonding with cats page i.e let her come to you and have no direct eye contact with her.  /new-cat.html

It may also be a good idea to read my page about cat disciple it is more to do with negative and positive reactions on your part which over time will teach the cat good and bad behaviours etc here is the page  /cat-discipline.html

All I can say that hopefully as time passes and she feels more settled and relaxed with you that her behaviour settles down.

I do hope for both of you that in the not so distanct furutre you will both be happy together.

best wishes Kate  


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