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we've just found out that a neighbour living behind us has been welcoming
our cat into their home (they even have their own name for him!).  They have
a cat flap, so can't stop him coming in, but we are very upset that they are
allowing him to stay when he enters their home.  Our cat is on diet food and
I'm sure he's choosing to go in there as he can get access to their own cats
food.  I'm really worried he will choose to live with them over us, as they are
providing lots of food and we are the ones giving him the diet food (under
instruction of vet).  He's a member of our family and I'm very cross and upset
that they are in affect trying to temp him away from us.  I popped over and
asked them to discourage him from staying in their home, as he's on a diet
but all they could say was "he's a lovely cat and we like having him around"!

ummm this can be difficult. It is not unusual for cats to choose to eat in two homes at once, in fact my partners parents cat sort of semi lives next door to them as he gets food there too. In fact they buy him his own food. Now in my partners parents case they have decided that they will put up with this as the cat still comes home.

It has been known for a cat to decide to live somehwere else but this will only happen if they are unhappy at home. If they are not then they will simply take advatage and eat at both places.

if you are really unhappy about the situation you may have to seek some legal advice in your area to see if there are any legal rights to stop the other people feeding your cat. I'm not terribly sure that there is and it may depend on the areea where you live etc.

Generally though if your cat has a happy home with you then i think it is likely that he will just eat in both places.

best wishes Kate


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