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I recently got 2 kittens (male& female) because my 6 year old (male)cat got out and I found him 2 weeks later. I had the kittens for a month and a half and the older cat still growls. Last night the older cat was on the kitten (female) with his teeth in her neck and the kitten meowled. Should I be concerned. He bites both kittens but this was the worse. The older cat always would bite me after I would pat him too long so he is a biter.

the behaviour sounds more like a mating action i.e biting the back of the neck.

Kittens start to become sexually active from 4 months and so if your kittens are that age or older and are not neutered they will be giving off scents etc which will drive a male cat (neutered or not ) wild.

I would seriously consider having the kittens neutered soon after 4 months old and I would also recommend a period of slow introduction of the cats in a controlled environment. this gives them confidence in each other and so they become less frightened and aggressive with each other. this process is described here /introducing-cats.html

I hve lots of information on my site about cat behaviour etc which will give you some background information of how cats are with each other, this can be helpful as sometimes they do things we think bad or strange but are the cat way of doing things etc.

best wishes Kate


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