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Cats/Biting behavior in Maine Coon


Old Bill wrote at 2015-10-01 05:40:32
I have a Maine coon that lives with me in s small apartment and my recommendation us quite different. My cat , Mr Benny, bites me playfully, but never bites hard enough (or scratches hard enough) to hurt or draw blood. Literally never, which is quite extraordinary in my experience. I have owned many cats over the years, and no matter how affectionate, they would draw blood every now and then (usually if they are scared by something nearby when in their owner's arms, just out of panic). Mr Benny is the only cat I have ever known who simply will never hurt his owner, no matter how scared or panicked he might be. I am sure this is because I played with him so much, and so freely, when he was a kitten. Play is actually a kind of language that all  mammals understand (Benny has the same attitude to our dog). It is a language of trust and if you teach it to your kitten - by NOT getting up abruptly and walking away - it will leArn it should never hurt you.

Jessica and Ella wrote at 2016-11-07 08:58:54
Biting can be kisses too my Maine coon does it then licks where she bites showing her love. Plus she bites my hand for attention but licks later as a thanks.  


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