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Cats/New born kitten with torn ambilical cord


Brian wrote at 2014-05-01 20:59:38
I have a new born kitten almost a week old with no skin on its stomach. So far it appears the skin is growing back, albeit slowly. But the Kittens is normal otherwise and very responsive, and eats well.

So far so good, he is also being cleaned daily if not more, to insure no infections are or can take place, I'm glad I read this informative article.

thank you.


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I am a bachelors prepared registered nurse. The training to become a bachelors prepared registered nurse parallels to some degree the training to become a veterinarian. Couple my training with a large amount of continuing education classes, as well as extensive experience in different areas of medicine, and I have a great deal of medical knowledge. My main areas of expertise in medicine are: pharmacology (drugs), infectious diseases, IV therapies, chronic illnesses, and behavioral issues.


I've worked as a RN in pharmacology (pharmaceutical sales and research), medical device sales, critical care, postop, OR, open heart ICU, behavioral health, IV therapy, and infectious diseases. I also volunteer at a shelter, and I'm frequently consulted by local veterinarians and other shelters for behavioral and dietary/nutrition issues. Additionally, I've had cats all of my adult life, and unfortunately, they've had chronic illnesses, so I've done a lot of research on multiple chronic illnesses in cats. I've also studied and researched nutrition/diet, behavior, and training in felines. **I am not very knowledgeable about feline pregnancy and/or newborn kittens, so it may be to your advantage to ask another expert if you have a question pertaining to these areas.**


I have worked for a medical publishing company where I wrote patient information monographs about everything--pre and post hospital care, information on tests you're having/have had, medications, illnesses, surgeries, etc. I've also written patient information monographs for the USP (United States Pharmacopeia). What I wrote are the PI's (patient information) pamphlets that are the pieces of paper tucked into boxes of meds, or in the bottles, and are written in layman's terms for the general public. Additionally, I was also on the editorial review board for a major nursing IV (intravenous therapy) journal, and was responsible for reviewing research articles and making a determination whether the articles were accurate, current, understandable, and worthy of publishing.


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