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My female kitten named sooty is on heat we let her out yesterday but followed her.The next night we heard meowing from the back garden.It was a male cat.we tryed to spray him with a gentle water spray.He ran away.Then he kept coming back but we don't want to let sooty out yet as.We can't handle any more kittens.But lately while he is in the garden and sooty up stairs i let them talk by holding her on my window ledge (very carefully).Only one problem my perants are getting annoyed of it meowing all night.and you would think after trying to ignore him he would go away.Nope every night he comes back to what seems like talk to my female kitten sooty.I feel really mean because i can't let sooty out side to play with him.

what can i do?

Hi Zoe
I'm afraid as long as your cat is not spayed the male cat will return over and over again. This is completely natural and is intinctural to the male cat and they can very persistent.

So unfortunately you will either have to put up with the yowelling or you will have to have your female cat spayed so that she will nolonger be giving off the scent of a cat in heat which is attracting the male cat.

Spayinmg a female cat is not a mjor operation ans is nothing to worry about, It is also kinder in the long run as you won;t have more kittens being born who you may not be able to look after and also your female cat will not be have to go through the heat process again.

please see my web page about this here /neuter.html

best wishes Kate


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