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I have three cats and my step mom wants a main coon but she does not know how much they shed. We have been wondering for a while and still no has a answer so how much do they shed?

All cats shed fur. However the problem of hair around the home can be reduced by regular brushing by you as this removes a lot of the loose hair.
If you have a cat with a long coat is is important that they are brushed at least three times a week not only to prevent lots of hair being dropped around the house but also to prevent the cat from getting hairballs.

i used to have a maine coon cat. he was lovely, they call them the gentle giants. but he did need lots of grooming to keep his coat in good condition. the grooming is very easy though, just get a proper cat grooming brush and spend 5 to ten minutes three times a week just brushing through the coat. If you get a kitten start the grooming as soon as possible as it gets the cat used to being groomed especially under the tummy.

I have a web site about cats and some pages about grooming which you may be interested in.

best wishes Kate


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