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I have a male orange tabby cat and he always act as he is in heat and wont leave my female cat alone, he will then  run to the bath room and cry real loud and he does this all the time , he never sleeps very much , and he sounds like a female when he purrs and cry , Can you tell me to why he does this for he is the first cat i had ever to do this things,
I can't get any sleep because of him
I haven't gotten him fix as yet will it help him to stop it??

Male Tom cats who are not fixed are permanently on the look out for females to mate with. they are not like female cats who go into heat.

If you have him fixed the behaviour he is exhibiting will stop i.e the caterwauling, the over excited behaviour etc. Your female cat will also be happier as she won't be bothered by him any more.

Please see my web page about neutering for more information about the process etc.

best wishes Kate


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