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my sister came over the other night and did not know that our female cat charity was not an outside cat. she let her outside and she left behind seven two week old kittens....will my charity return to our house >? my mom said because she is full of milk she will always know where her kittens are...does that mean automatically she will return? she has been missing only twelve me please.

I wouldn't be surprised that if by the time you receive my reply that the mother cat has already returned. The instinct of a mother cat to look after her kittens is strong.

The outside world will be very exciting and frightening to your cat and she may take some time to explore around. this is normal.

if she has not returned yet, keep calling her. Leave some food outside for her and leave something that smells of her and her kittens outside the back door as well. they have a very good sense of smell.

if she has not returned after a day or so, then follow the advice on my web page about lost cats here

best wishes kate


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