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I have a 3 month old kitten that was abandoned by her nother at one month. Yesterday she started coming to me in the morning while I'm in bed and running from one side of my head to the other purring, crying and marching. She tries to chew on my ears while marching on my neck and she continues to cry. It's like she's frantic. This will last about 10 minutes and then she will settle down. In fact, after that, she usually doesn't want me to even pick her up. Does she want to nurse? If so, why so late? She never exhibited this behavior before.

The behaviour you have describes sounds simply like the actions of a energetic kitten still learning about life etc.

I really think it is more about games (related to learning i,e hunting, prowling, etc) and as you re their only family you are the practice toy. Normally kittens learn from their mother and siblings and these sorts of behaviours would have been acted out with them.

At 3 months they are now moving into adulthood in the next few months so things are changing for them hormonally as well. So behaviour may become more erratic etc.

i have a web site which has lots of information about cats and kittens which you may find of interest.

best wishes Kate


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