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Hello Kate,
I have a slight problem and was wondering if perhaps you could help.  My Cat is a 5 year old female.  She is an inside only cat and has never been outside. Also, she is not fixed. For some reason, around this time of year she starts not using the litter box just for peeing. Every year I call the vet and they say I need to check for a urinary tract infection and every year, I do.  She is always negative for any medical problems so I have kind of ruled that out.  She is making all the noises like she is in heat but when I asked the vet if maybe that is what it was they said that females do not spray or mark there territory. I feel like I have tried everything and just can not figure out what it might be.  She is peeing on my clothes, the couch, in the animals beds, and the spare room bed. It is just a nightmare but I love her so much.  Is there any advice that you could give me on this??

well i am sorry to say your vet is wrong. female cats do mark there territory with urine, I have seen my own spayed female cat do it when other cats have been around.

basically this behaviour is down to her being in heat, she will have all the instincts and hormones of finding a mate and one of the way to do this is to scent to let them know she is there.

having her spayed would make her a much more calm cat without having to go through these periods of frustration and hormonal upset.

i have a web site with some information about cats in heat and also one about spaying which you may find of further information and interest.

best wishes Kate


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