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Hi, I have two boy ginger cats, 3yrs old from the same litter.  Up until now I have not encountered any problems - they are both in good health, eat well and are well looked after.  One day they can play fight, one grooms the other but the second doesn't reciprocate, just lays there!  But in the last couple of months they have been fighting quite nastily, hissing etc.  One of them went missing 3wks ago and I did a leaflet drop for his return.  I had a call to say he was in their house and they were looking after him because they thought he was abandoned, which I have to say is ridiculous because you can tell he was in good health.  Anyway I brought him back home to try and get him back into his normal surroundings but he just seems scared and wants to go out.  He got out through a window carlessly left wide open by my lodger and now I fear I have lost him for good!  I have never had two cats together before - only ever had one at a time and was just looking for some advice as to why this has happened?  Maybe you can help.  Much appreciated. Sonia

Hi Sonia
You didn't mention if the cats were neutered or not. I only ask as their behaviour does sound more like tom cats fighting for the same territory and for one cat to have surrendered and wants to leave to find their own patch as it were.

cats living together even when neutered may still fight from time to time as there always have to be a dominant cat and the fights are a way for this dominance to be maintained. But normally these fights are not that serious more noise and hissing than anything else and they soon settle down (this is true for just two or three cats living together any more and cat fights can be constant as it is not natural for cats to live together in large groups like dogs).

I hope you find your cat again and if they are not neutered (both cats would need to be neutered) perhaps you could either consider having this done or you may decide to rehome one of the cats.

best wishes Kate


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