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I have one female cat and one male cat. Previously there were also another male and female with us. My female has been starting fights with the male lately, and she is eliminating waste in areas other than the litter box. I don't think it's medical, because I have seen her use the litter box. I have a feeling it has something to do with dominance, but I'm not sure. I've moved a few times recently. She didn't start doing this until I moved to our current home. When we got here there were other cats, but they were kept separated and have since left. What can I do to get her to use the litter box all of the time?

well it sounds to me like your female cat may be having a hard time adjusting to her new home and is perhaps taking her insecurities out on the other cat. Also the eliminating out of her box is also an indication of her feeling insecure.

Your best bet is to try to do some re litter training with her and to also make sure that her home environment is as entertaining and stimulating as possible. This will help to take her mind of her fears etc.

i have two pages on my web site that may be of help. the first is about the middening and litter re training , the second is about how to make the home more interesting for cats etc.  Here are the pages, i hope they are able to help.

best wishes Kate


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