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I live with my roommate and 6 year old cat.  My cat usually loves my company and seeks out my attention constantly, until this past week.  My cat suddenly began stalking me, ears flattened and hissing at me.  Then she runs off in fear. I have tried reassuring her, talking sweetly to her, gently approaching her with treats to no avail.  This has been going on for two days.  It is only directed towards me, not my roommate.  When I think she is finally coming around she will allow me to pet her,sit with me, etc, then suddenly she will lash out hissing and run off.  I just had her to the vet and they said she is healthy.  Any suggestions?  Thanks

well something has obviously upset and scared your cat and they are taking there fear out on you. It is known as trauma aggression and is quite common.

unfortunately only time and reassurance will enable your cat to feel confident around you again. Oh by the way you haven't changed perfume of soap etc recently. I ask as some perfumes can make a cart react like this. The only time my own cat has ever attacked me was when i had a new strong perfume on.

I have a web page about bonding with your cat which you may find of interest here is the page

best wishes Kate


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