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I have two cats one just recently had kittens 2 weeks ago the other female cat is now attacking the mama cat but also attacking me? What should I do

well cats normally attack when they are afraid and as things have changed in the home they probably feel strange and unsettled and this is way they are reacting aggressively.

it may take your female cat some time to get use to the new smells and sights of the new kittens ate. I would try to give her some space of her own so that she can feel secure and settled in an area where she will not have to worry about the kittens or the other cat.

You may have to set up a room for her for a while with her bed, toys, litter tray and water etc. During this time make sure you visit her regularly but that you allow her to come to you. When she does build her confidence with a little game etc.

then after a while start to introduce the other cats to her one at a time. this way she will not fear them so much and can start to build a trust with them.

please see my web pages about introducing cats to each other and also my page about bonding with a cat. you may find them of further interest.

best wishes Kate


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