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We have two tabbies, one ~9/yo male and a ~6/yo female, both neutered. Occasionally, as the female is laying around or looking out the window, the older one will approach the female, stand over her and bite her gently by the back of the neck. She pretty much ignores him, continuing her watch of the backyard. A few minutes later, he leaves. It's not aggressive, and, as noted, she tends to ignore his behavior. Is this a kind of dominance, or just gentle play?

well a bit of both really. Your male cat wants to play and also to play in such a way that he can assert his dominance. However as the female is not rising to his bait as it were, he is failing in the dominance stakes i would say. that's no bad thing, cats will always find their own place within the family group and although your male cat may fancy being top cat, it sounds to me like he will have to be happy with joint ownership of the house. :)

best wishes Kate


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