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I have recently become the temporary(?) owner of a cat. He was brought to some friends under duress, and proved to be a very scared and timid thing, not to mention terrified of dogs. As my friends had dogs, and I only have another cat, it was thought that I would be a better emergency home until something more permanent could be found.

In the meantime, I am hoping to socialize her. She has been hiding under the couch for a number of days now, only coming out in order to eat, drink, and (I assume) use the litter box. She yowls, cries, and hisses when I come near to her, though she has shown no signs of aggression toward me even when touched, though she does retreat from the contact. However, as I didn't want to traumatize her further, I have been giving her space.

Have you any suggestions for how I might be able to attempt to reassure her and start trying some more physical socializing? i.e. playing, petting, or even just having her walk around the house rather than hide. I can be as patient as need be, but three days of this has me concerned, and the total lack of aggression other than noise has me wondering if the envelope should be pushed, so to speak.

Well from what i understand I think that this cats behaviour is completely normal for a cat who has had a rather uncertain time of it lately. Three days is nothing to worry about. I have had cats that have taken weeks to find their confidence.

If you try to push things all that will happen is that she will become even more frightened of you and retreat further. The cat really does need to do things as their own pace.

I have a web page about bonding with cats, it talks about being with the cat without being threatening. It is a good way to allow a cat to become familiar with your scent and voice without feeling threatened.

here is the page

best wishes kate


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