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About a week and a half ago I took my 7 year old cat to the vets to have him shaved. They stated that he had some ear issues and irrigated his ears and he has some ear drops for the next 7 days. The reason for shaving is that all his hair was getting matted. He is part mutt and part Main Coon. Since his visit he wont use the litter box to poop in and his mood has changed. He was also a friendly cat but not a lap cat. Now he wants to always sit next to me or my husband. Also he would always sit on the top of the couch but now sits in the actual seat. He seems to be doing better more playful and becoming more like his oldself with the exception of the litter issue. We tried moving the box to were he is pooping but that made no difference. I really would love to solve this problem. I love my cat but this needs to stop. Thanks for any help.

By the sounds of it your cat has had his confidence shaken and needs some time to get it back. One of the ways is to go through the litter re training which is done in a confined space for a few days. this helps the cat gain confidence in a smaller area (less things to worry about) and also to become familiar with their litter box.

the process is described at the bottom of this page on my site.
It may only be necessary to do this for a few days but if after the training he still has litter issues , go through the process again but for a bit longer.

While your cat is in his room, don't forget to visit him regularly and play with him, this will also help to give him confidence and return to normal.

best wishes Kate


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