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Hello, I've recently moved in with someone who has a dog, my cat has lived with dogs before and I've never had a problem with her before, she's never even hissed at a dog before. But now she keeps attacking this dog. The dog seems to just irritate her, sometimes she's fine with the dog even sleeping near it. but then if the dog barks or gets excited she often attacks it, she's also attacked the dog if a person bothers the cat (usually by trying to catch her)or the dog wanders into my room is there anything i can do to help them get along? she is a mixed cat 8 years old.
thank you, any advice you might have would be appreciated.

well usually its all in how the two animals are introduced to each other. the idea is to build trust and confidence in them both so that that their is no fear or uncertainty. however there may always be some occasional spats but this is normal.

It may be worth taking some steps backwards and going through the introduction process again over a period of a week or so. The process is described here on my web page (it is the same process with cats and dogs. /introducing-cats.html

Also make sure the cat has a place that they can retreat to that the dog cannot get to as this will be her safe place where she does not have to worry about the dog. Many people place a cat bed on a wardrobe top for this but obviously it depends on your own situation.

I hope things settle down soon for you all, I'm sure they will given a little time and TLC :)

best wishes kate


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