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We have a 2 year old Persian female ,we have just adopted a male Persian not sure but think the poor thing might of been ill treated he is very timid ,when he came to us he had very little hair on his sides , through lack of grooming they obviously just cut out the knots . Our female didn't really take much notice of him then after about 5 days she was on heat he didn't seem to take much notice of her till the last 2 days she was in heat they were left alone then but don't think they did anything .Now he seems to be more interested in her and seems to be calling , she seems to follow him but just  hisses at him and is very unfriendly towards him  . Do you think they will ever get on it's now been about 3 weeks since he joined us , they have never actually hurt each other .Thanks for your help .

well there are never any grantees that cats will get on this is mainly due to the fact that they are not pack animals like dogs and often prefer to be on there own rather than with other cats.

Many things affect how cats get along with each other, two of which are, how they have been brought up from kittens and what there experiences have been with other animals from an early age and two how the cats are introduced to each other.

With the first there is not much you can do about there past. As for the second well it gives them a better chance of getting along, however as I say they may never be best buddies.

I have a web page about the introduction process, it is always worth giving a try even though the cats have already met. It allows them time in relative security to build up confidence in each other.

here is the page

Fingers crossed that they build a happy relationship soon

best wishes Kate


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