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Hello. In October I adopted a kitten from my local Humane Society. Now I'm considering getting another one because she seems to be quite lonely. My mother's boyfriends cats are older and will hiss and claw at her. She doesn't like my larger dogs (she tolerates them, but she tends to have as minimum contact with them as possible). My Pomeranian used to play with her rather well, but he recently broke his hip and had surgery, so he's been in a lot of pain and has become a total grouch with her.
My kitten, Twilight, is about 7-8 months old.

A few days ago I made a trip to the Humane Society, and they have this darling calico that I fell in LOVE with. However, she's already 5 months. The people at the shelter said she was great with other cats, so I have no worries there, but they weren't sure how she was with dogs. From my experience, it's harder to get older adult cats to get along with dogs and it's always been easy when I get young kittens to socialize them well with the dogs. So my questions is, how well would an older kitten do with the process? Is she still young enough that if I gradually introduced her to the dogs that she would eventually grow used to them? I'd rather not bring her into a home where she and my dogs would be constantly terrorizing each other. I've never brought home an older kitten, so I don't know. My dogs have always done good with younger kittens. I'm just a little concerned and wary of bringing in an older kitten. Like I said, I've fallen in love with her, and I just want to make sure she'd be comfortable in my home and would appreciate a little advice on the situation.


well unfortunately there are no guarantees that cats and dogs will ever get along. Often it is down to the individual cats personality and also there contact with other cats and dogs during the sensitive period 9the first seven weeks of life).

the only thing you can do is to make sure that you introduce your animals in such a way as to not cause too much fear or stress.

i have a web page about the introduction process 9the process is the same for cats and dogs) it does take some time and patience but it is better for the animals in the long run as they can learn to feel confident in each other in a safe and controlled way.

here is the web page

best wishes Kate


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