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We rescued a 5 week old kitty left in a box at a Gas Station.  She was barely weaned.  She was no bigger than the average Beanie Baby.  She has always been little. So, we were quite surprised when we were ready to nuter her, that she was already pregnant.  She is only about 6-7 months old.  I am very concerned about her being so young and having kittens!  I can alredy fell them moving in her without squeezing her belly!  When I first noticed her belly growth,  I thought she had tape worms!  Now I can feel what seem to be little tiny paws and elbows.  Is there any special care we should take with such a young kitten?  She is very content now, on the best food and has several places available to have her kittens.  I am afraid she will have them in the middle of the night when I won't know and won't be able to be there for her.  Any advice?

unfortunately kittens as young as four month can get pregnant and yes you are right it is often recommended that they do not have a litter until after they are 1 years old. this gives them time to become as strong as possible.

having said that it is not uncommon for young cats to be fine during pregnancy and at birth. Mother nature often takes care of everything.

I wouldn't worry too much, just do anything you would for a normal cat and allow her to get on with it. the only time you have to get involved is if the kittens are too big for her to pass and she will need assistance from the vet, but this is rare.

I have a web page about cat pregnancy which you might find of interest.

best wishes Kate


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