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Cats/5 weeks old kitten and poss broken leg?


Hello, I have just been told by my husband that our 4 year old son has trodden on our 5 week old kitten. He says his leg is at a funny angle. He also says that the kitten is asleep and quite happy playing with his brother. He doesn`t walk too well. Is it possible this is a dislocation and what can we do right now to ease him if he is in pain?

sorry I have only just picked up this question. Hopefully by now you have got the kitten to a vets who would have been able to administer some pain releif and hopefully resolve the injury.

I don't know of any emergency pain relief that can be given to a kitten as their systems are very delicate. At a push I would give a half dose of a childs asprin or other pain killer.

I hope the injury was not too severe as unfortunately accudents like this can cause internla injuries. But the vet will be able to make sure that this is not the case or not.

best wishes and I hope all is well



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