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Cats/Aggresive neighborhood bully (cat) is out to get my cat


A very big male neutered cat has been stalkin, terrorizing, attacking and bullying my small female neutered cat for the past 6 months.  In the beginnig I thought it was natural terrotorial behaviour, but since my cat is mostly an indoor cat (by choice) and she doesn't stray from the house or provoke fights, I began to question this.  Every single time that my cat is outside, usually sitting on the steps enjoying the sun, the other cat just makes a run for her and attacks my cat very aggressively.  My cat tries to get away at all costs, since she is no match for the much bigger and aggressive male.  What can I do to save my very calm and loving natured girl from being the victim of this relentless bully?  Please help

sadly there is no answer for this.

the behaviour is territorial, I know my own cat went through the same thing. In the end she decided not to go into the garden but would only venture out the front where the other cat obviously did not stray into. the garden was his at all costs.

Unfortunately your cat will have to make the decision for herself which she should be allowed to do. She will either decide to risk it, stop going out or fight back. This is natural behaviour and cats usually find there own place in the pecking order.

rarely does aggressive behaviour result in a fight, it is mainly all show, noise and hissing with the occasional warning swipe. it is not in any cats interest to risk injury and so most of the time it is pure show as a warning. chasing off is key to this behaviour.

i know it can be distressing to watch but in the case of my own cat she found her space and after a while the other cat disappeared and she now goes back into the garden.

There really isn't anything you can do, unless you want to be outside all day with her to be her protector (I was tempted for a while). I'm sure she will find her own space too.

best wishes Kate  


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