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Cats/Cat splashing water from bowl!


I'm sure this is a question that you have heard of many times, but I have an 8 yr old, male domestic cat that persistanty splashes the water out from his bowl.  This is not a new trick for him either.  Since I am single now, and am on the go alot, I have purchased a gal. auto waterer that seems to be completely dry by the time I come home.  I live in a small 1 br aptmt that doesn't offer much of a choice in placing the cats food bowls and litter box, so therefore its all stored in a closet, connected to the dining room.  Meaning the carpet is soaked everyday and I'm getting tired of the constant cleaning.  I have another cat that fortunately, does not do this, but I feel that it is not fair for neither of them to go without any water.  I refuse to leave the water facet on and am looking for ideas on how I can break him of this behavior.  Thanks for your help!

sounds to me more of a boredom issue. cats need lots of stimulus to keep tem happy and when this is not availble thay find way to amuse themselves. Maybe your cat is one that needs lots of extra stimulus.

Make sure your home has lots to keep him interested during the day (i;m sure you already do but some cats need a little more) I have written a page about indoor acts and how to keep them amused here


Also you could try replacing the water foutina for a while with just a glass of fresh water paced in a deep tray (in case he knocks the glass over). That way they will still have access to fresh water but there will be less of it available to be spilled.

I hope I have been able to help

best wishes Kate


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