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I have a 3 1/2 year old Birman who cries all the time she is awake. I have recently moved her from UK to Sweden but the behaviour started even before the planned move. She has had a shock in that she lost her sibling and I have travelled a lot but she was bought up by myself and my parents so she was never alone. Now I am in Sweden and feeling so distressed and not knowing what to do but feeling held hostage by her. Should I ignore every cry (trying to but its so loud) and is there anyway I can calm her down?

I play with her with toys a lot and run around the (very large) flat to keep her active and I am around the most part of the day so I do not feel its a lack of exercise or loneliness. She is eating and drinking well and even when she cries she is purring the second I touch or hug her.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am very grateful for any insight you can give me.

Alex :)

Constant cat meowing can be very distressing after a while. i know myself when my own cat has a day when she just won't stop but luckily this is not every day.

Just why cats cry or meow are lot sometimes depends on the breed of the cat, as some breeds are generally more vocal than others. Siamese cats can be very vocal indeed and very loud. Birman cats are similar and maybe your cat has more Siamese in her than some.

Although we humans cannot say for sure why cats meow, there have been studies over the years and some ideas have emerged to some of the calls. i have written a web page about cat meowing behaviour in general which you may find of interest here

Keeping an active cat entertained and stimulated will help and again some cats require more stimulus than others. Birman are very active and so will need lots to climb , jump, hunt and play etc. Again i have a web page with some ideas here

Also not responding every time to their calls will help to reduce the behaviour over time, but this can be difficult I know.

I hope I have been of some help and that my web pages can help further

best wishes Kate  


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