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So, when my boyfriend and I first got Chester and Jack, they had been separated for about a three weeks, but still living with a litter mate.  I acquired them from a friend, and received them about three days apart.  They didn't get along for the first three days, but after that, they were buddies.  I often catch them grooming each other, cuddling, rough housing, and simply eating with each other.  However, I am moving in with my brother, and my boyfriend is moving in with three friends; one has a cat.  He has argued that since one cat is his, he should be able to take it when he moves; and acclimate him to his roommate's cat.  My argument simply requests that they stay together because they are brothers, and have been living together for about 9 months.  If Zach separates Jack and Chester, will they get over it, or will it cause behavioral problems?

well now this is tricky to answer.

Firstly I think cats yes can get over being separated as they are generally not pack animals and actually prefer to have their own territory.

However it has been shown that cats who loose a close cat companion or indeed another animal can and do go through a period of, well sort of grief. they may spend quite some time looking for the other cat and may even become a little depressed. However generally with a little time this subsides, especially if there are new things in their life.

So yes it is sad that they will be separated as they seem to get along so well. but it is not something that is insurmountable.

i have a web page about introducing cats to each other which makes the process a lot easier for the cats to adjust to new companions. It may be of interest to your boyfriend as he is going to have to introduce his cat to another

I would like to say as one last thing. Cats do not like to be moved around much and are very much creatures of habit, due to the fact they need to have their own territory. And indeed a cat that is moved around to often can indeed have behavioural issues like urinating and defecating in the home, aggression and or destructive behaviour such as scratching furniture etc. So it is always good to bare in mind that if at all possible cats should not be moved around too often.

Hope I have been able to help

best wishes Kate


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