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My roommate has a pet indoor cat who is pretty old, not
sure of the exact age. She's an indoor cat, but she loves
to go outside so we leave the back door open so she can run
in and out. I found her one morning completely stiff and
dead. There were no scratches or tears on her that I could
see, so it doesn't seem like another animal did it. Is it
possible that they can die all of a sudden? What would
cause her to go stiff like that?

This may be outside of your area of expertise, but I have
no idea where else to look. So if you can at least direct
me somewhere that would be very appreciated. Thank you!

I am so sorry to hear of the death of your cat.

Well the answer to your question is yes they can die all of sudden just like us humans. heart attacks are not uncommon in an elderly cat.

As for the stiffness well that would be rigor mortis. After a body dies it stiffens after a while this is a natural process.

I hope I have been able to answer your questions.

best wishes Kate


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