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Cats/my cat is attacking my b/f's dog.


I have had my cat for nearly 2 yrs from being a kitten. We have always had extremely large dogs and there has never been a problem. I have moved house and taken 2 of our smaller dogs with me and the rest of my kitty crew. All seemed to be going well untill my boyfriend got a siberian huskie. There was no problems to start with, I mean the dog isn't the best with cats but under supervision there's no problem. Since 2 days ago she seems to have gone nuts and keeps attacking his face and neck. She has even gone for 1 of my other dogs for what seems to be no reason. I am getting increasingly worried that the dog will not put up with this behavour for much longer and also my mum has told me that it's not an inpossibility that the cat could kill the dog. Is that true ? My cat has had kittens but the attacks don't seem to be related as all the dogs are always kept well away from the kittens. She has had kittens before and no one was attacked then, do you think it maybe the huskie thats causing all the problems and if so is there anyway it can be fixed as my b/f adores the dog ? please please please help

well this does sound to me like it could be related to the fact that the cat has recently had kittens as her mothering protective instinct would be strong at the moment. even if the dog does not go near the kittens she may still feel worried about it s presence as she is not used to the dog.

As to what you can do, well unfortunately all you can do is to keep them away from each other until the kittens are at least 7 weeks old. After that you could try reintroducing the cat and dog in a controlled fashioned . the process is described here (its the same for cats and dogs)

It is a good point to remember that too many animals in the same household can cause problems as cats especially are very territorial animals. As the kittens get older the mother cat may try to chase them away too as this is a natural instinct to get them to find their own territory.

I hope you can find some way to separate the animals as the moment as I think it is more likely that the dog could hurt the cat rather than the other way around. i have never heard of a cat killing a big dog but I suppose if a deep enough scratch became infected or cut an artery I suppose it is possible.

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