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have had five cats over the years and now have one that shed its fur continually, year -round.  never have i had one that shed like this.  is something missing from its diet to cause it to shed so much?

I know the feeling. I have had many many cats in my life but my current one sheds all the time and lots and lots. I even asked my vet about it years ago and he looked at me as if I were mad. He said that as far as he knew nothing would affect the amount of hair a cat sheds.

Domestic cats do loose hair all year round now as they are used to indoor life i.e central heating. this means that they no longer go through the seasonal shedding as much as there wild cousins do.

Basically you may just be unlucky like I am have a cat that seems to shed more than normal. And unfortunately the only solution is to make grooming more a part of your regular routine. This will help prevent your cat from getting fur balls and also you will have less hair left around your home.

I have included a couple of links to two pages on my website which you may find of further interest.



best wishes Kate


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