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Cats/why do my cats fight?


I have 3 male cats at home, and they've always got along but recently they've been fighting alot not playing but really fighting with each other they rip hair out from each other and sometimes they end up bleeding too. i want to get them to stop fighting but i don't know how, and more in importantly i want to know why they are fighting with each other so i'm hoping you can help me out here.

well I suppose my first question would have to be. Are they all neutered? If not then this is definitely something you should have done to help stop the fights.

cat fights and aggression is normally over territory and as cats are not pack animals and so do not like to live in close proximity it is natural that fights break out.

It is difficult to say why the fights have started to break out now. Something may have happened which has caused the cats to become afraid and are expressing this fear as aggression (often aggression is a sign of fear) I have a web page about cat aggression which you may find of interest here


Unfortunately only you can say if there have been any changes or experiences that your cat s may have gone through recently which may have caused this to happen.

As for trying to get them to stop, well apart from the neutering all you can really do is to try and get them to trust each other again. this is done by re introducing them to each other over a period of time in a confined and secure way. this can take a week or more and does take some effort. the process is described here

Hope things settle down again soon for you ll

best wishes Kate  


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