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Cats/cats pooing and weeing in the house...


its driving me insane, i have 5 cats all of which can go outside through  a catflap, for about the last year 1 of them goes to the toilet in the house...carpet etc.. i am forever wearing rubber gloves..twice a day to clear up, we have has to disspose of 1 carpet already, my flatmate is very angry and it means that i cant go away anywhere on holiday which i sorely need..he is 15 and a half , the vets dont know whats wrong, he seems ok really, how can i deter him from doing this and also do you recommend any good uk cleaning products th help clear the stains and the smells please, i put a litter tray in the kithen , but when he occassionally uses it he!!!!!!!!
thanks very much

wendy bareham

This is a common problem and sometimes it is easy to solve sometimes not. it very much depends on how long it has gone on for and if the underlining cause can be remedied.

You say you have 5 cats. Do they all have their own litter tray/ I ask this as cats do not like to share litter trays. the smell of another cats urine etc is very off putting and as it is used to mark territory is often seen as a threat. So having separate trays not close to each other often helps.

you could also try a period of litter training for your cat, you may have to repeat this process several times if the problem has been going on for some time. the process is described here on my web site

As for urine cleaner I do have a web page about several different sorts. I'm not sure if they all come America of not but it could be worth checking. Also there is  home-made urine cleaner recipe on the page which you might like to try.

best wishes and I hope the problem can be sorted out soon



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