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I have 2 cats,one male and one female.The female cat is pregnant and the male cat is extremly aggressive towards her.They have been raised together so they are used to each other and have gotten along great untill now.The male cat violently fights with the female every chance he can.What causes this and what can i do about it?

Aggression in cats can be caused by several things, one of them being fear.
fear can be triggered by all sorts of things for a cat from strange smells or a different routine, or a loud noise etc. In this case your female probably smells different and her behaviour may have changed. This may have made the male cat feel unsettled and fearful and he is acting out this fear with aggression.

It could also be that the female cat now that she is pregnant doesn't want the male cat around. This is not uncommon. So she may too be trying to scare him off.

If you are bale to keep the cats apart for a few days to give each of them a break and to calm down a little, then you can start to reintroduce them to each other in a secure safe way using the reintroduction method which helps to build their confidence in each other again. the process is described here on my web page

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